Our School Day


We cannot accept responsibility for children who are on the school premises before 8.45am.



 8.45 am               Children come into school


 8.55 am               Registration


 9.00 am                LESSON 1


10.00 am               Snack break


10.10 am               LESSON 2


11.10 am               Playtime


11.30 am                LESSON 3


12.30 pm                Lunch Break


1.30 pm                 LESSON 4


2.30 pm                 (approx) Afternoon Playtime 10 minutes (Lower School)


2.30 pm                 LESSON 5


3.10 pm                 End of Day (Lower School)


3.15 pm                 End of Day (Upper School)



The children also take part in a daily act of worship: sometimes with the whole school, at other times with the Key Stage or

with their class peers. Parents may choose to withdraw their children from School Assembly.




Your child must be in the classroom for registration: lateness, like absence without authorisation, is regarded as TRUANCY.


Those children who go home for lunch must not return before 1.20 pm. This is in the interest of security and safety, because

 we must know exactly how many and who is on the school premises at any time.


Extra Curricular Activities After School:


A variety of clubs and activities are organised after school. The children are given a timetable of these activities at the

beginning of each term and a form to bring home which seeks parental permission for them to remain until 4.00 pm or 4.15 pm.


If a club is cancelled, for whatever reason, we will look after the children until their carers arrive to collect them. Of course, they are able to leave earlier but only with parental permission.